About the Author

About five years ago, Jovanna Brooks hung up the phone after yet another conversation with one of her friends about what they had found at Trader Joe’s that day, and it hit her. She needed to start a fan-based website that gathered reviews, recipes, photos and comments about all the best things at Trader Joe’s. She wasn’t the only one who wanted to share! More than half a million people visit TraderJoesFan.com each year, the facebook page has more than 380,000 fans, and it's been covered by the New York Post, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Washington Post.

Five years later, she wanted to share the best finds and great recipes at TJ’s with everyone in a way that they can hold and enjoy. The glossy pages you’ll find within are full of detailed photographs, favorite recipes and the best products—and you can keep them in your purse or back pocket when you walk into the store! We want to send out a SPECIAL THANK YOU to the Trader Joe’s Fans who have kept the website so useful and popular. Without your product reviews, photos and recipes, this guide wouldn’t be possible!