The Unofficial Guide to Trader Joe's

Navigating the aisles Trader Joe’s to discover the hundreds of innovative food products that distinguish the store—and interesting ways to use them—are now much easier with a handy pocket guide and recipe collection published by, an online community of over 350,000 Facebook fans and half a million monthly visitors openly share ideas, recipes and reviews about Trader Joe’s products.

100+ of the Top Trader Joe's Products

It wasn't easy, but we picked 100+ of the top fan favorites that make it on shopping lists time and time again. Each product includes a beautiful color photo so you can easily identify it in the store. In addition, Sections such as “Calling all chocoholics”, “Best beer and wine buys”, “Health and beauty favorites” and “Most addictive cookies” cover the full spectrum of products that are popular with Trader Joe’s shoppers.

50 winning recipes

We pair our top picks with easy & delicious recipes using only Trader Joe's ingredients. Some are 3 or 4 ingredient AHA! ideas. Others are a little more involved, but truly worthwhile.

  • Use TJ's signature products in new & exciting ways
  • Wow guests with creative appetizers
  • Get recipes and serving ideas for unique items

    • Quinoa (3 recipes you'll love!)
    • Zesty Chicken Wrap
    • Peanut Butter Truffle Brownies
    • Chicken Pesto Naan Pizza with Artichokes
    • Sweet Apple Sausage Wild Rice
    • Chile Spiced Mango Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • Island Pineapple and Soyaki Shrimp Skewers
    • Hot Crab Dip
    • Endives Filled with Mediterranean Chickpea Salad